Lab Alerts


Lab Alerts via WhatsApp

Be the first to hear about job-seeking technicians!


What are Lab Alerts?

Lab Alerts notify employers like yourself when local ceramists, prosthetic technicians and CAD/CAM technicians are searching for job opportunities. The service is free-of-charge, all you need is a phone and a WhatsApp account.


How do I get started?

  1. Add Recruit4Technicians to your phone’s address book. Our phone number is +44 7394 041528 (see FAQ’s below explaining why you need to do this step)

  2. Send us a WhatsApp message telling us your name, company name and your location (town/city).

And that’s it, all done.

When we receive your message, we will add you to our WhatsApp broadcast list of employers to start receiving Lab Alerts of job-seeking dental technicians.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. You can also find frequently asked questions below.




Are Lab Alerts free?

It’s completely free-of-charge to receive our Lab Alert notifications.


Will I receive spam?

Absolutely not, we are a reputable company and we only send genuine candidate information to our list of employers. All job-seekers that share their details with Recruit4Technicians have agreed to our website Terms of use and Privacy policy.


Can anyone join?

Yes, all employers looking to hire dental technicians can join Job Alerts to receive notifications of job-seekers.


What information will I receive?

You’ll receive the job-seekers job title, location, experience and a link to the technicians resume. On some occasions, we may also send additional information that the job-seeker has allowed us to share.


How do I view the resumes?

Recruit4Technicians customers can click the link provided with each alert, to view the resume and contact the technician directly. There are no hidden costs, no commission, and no additional recruitment fees.

If you are not a Recruit4Technicians customer, you can still receive Lab Alerts completely free-of-charge, so that you can monitor candidates in your area.

If you’d like to view resumes, advertise your vacancy, and start recruiting with us, please get in touch and we will be happy to help you get started.


Can I opt out of Lab Alerts anytime?

Absolutely, just send us a WhatsApp message asking to be removed from the list.


Why do I need to add Recruit4Technicians phone number to my address book?

We use WhatsApp’s "Broadcast lists" feature to send you Lab Alerts.

Broadcast messages are only delivered to contacts who have saved our phone number in their address book. This helps WhatsApp ensure that we are only sending messages to individuals who already have a relationship with Recruit4Technicians, thereby reducing the likelihood of spam.