JM Dental Ceramic Studio

JM Dental Ceramic Studio, based in Limassol, Cyprus is a market-leading provider of high quality dental lab products and services to dental professionals. The lab specializes in full ceramic and metal ceramic restorations, dental implant supported restorations, prosthetic components, and CAD/CAM Zirconia/E-max restorations. The lab is now equipped with two Wieland Zenotec Select Hybrids as well as an ARUM 5x-300. This allows us to provide dentists with full ceramic crowns(E-max) within the day, as long as the order has been received by 10 a.m. In addition, full contour, highly aesthetic restorations can be delivered within 48-hours depending on the size of the job. Our lab is equipped with the technology to receive digital impressions from a number of devices and produce 3D printed models with the help of our state of the art 3D Printers.