Zental Surgeries

Zental is a healthcare brand which is a fusion of private dentistry and affordable luxury. We are passionate about creating a relaxing, calm and harmonious environment where we can offer the highest quality of care where patients feel at ease to come to the dentist. Our ethos in about making people live longer, healthier & happier lives through maintaining an optimum level of oral health and well-being.   

This concept was born in London by our founders; two childhood friends who share the values behind Zental’s vision for patient care. Unsatisfied with the current notion; that most people dread visiting their dentist, they strived to create an experience you will not only enjoy, but actually look forward to. With this in mind, they both began to seek ways to break down barriers that once may have prevented a patient from visiting the dentist.

Zental was born with powerful ideas that bring together forward thinking people who want to change the landscape of how healthcare specialists relate to patients. Why is this important? Our aim is to contribute to the shift towards preventative healthcare and promote holistic facial rebalancing. We believe that when you feel at ease, relate to healthcare specialists in a positive way, and have a space where you can achieve all of your facial rebalancing treatments with one trustworthy and cohesive team, that this will help you become the best version of yourself.

We also care deeply about preventing unnecessary health conditions that arise from not visiting the dentist often enough. We are here to deliver a new benchmark in healthcare and offer a holistic facial rebalancing service whilst delivering on our six core values.

Innovation is The Air to Our Flame

We are idealists. We aim to change the face of dentistry and facial aesthetics. No longer will achieving facial balance be a worrying and daunting feat. Your first experience of Zental often happens before you walk through our door: we use technology to ease the patient journey and make it effortless to connect with us, with 24-hour online booking, and the ability to connect with us through social media, anytime, any where.

Once you visit us, you’ll be immersed in a space that is beautiful, intuitive, comfortable and relaxing. From using calming scents to unwind the body and soothing music to relax the mind. As one enters our practice, our hand-picked welcome tea flavours provide a taste of calm and wellness. We constantly seek innovative ways to improve safety, quality and results in our treatments from the moment you start your journey with us. We want a trip to Zental to be one that patients look forward to making, time and time again.

Teamwork is What Makes Us Smile and Serve

We strive for holistic care, and being a ‘one stop shop’ for facial rebalancing and wellness. This is not possible, without the involvement and collaboration of all members of our team. At Zental, our bond is like that of a family. We support, give feedback, teach and learn from each other. Working as a team is what makes our service special.

Honesty is What Makes Us Better

At Zental, we foster a culture of openness and transparency with our patients and within our team. We actively listen to concerns, what we’re doing well, and what we can improve on. We have an open door culture where everyone should feel safe in communicating their ideas or worries. This is the key to our strength, integrity, patient safety, our constant growth as individuals and as a family.

Trust is What Leads to Tranquillity

We deeply appreciate the privilege of serving our community and the trust patients and staff have in us. We want patients and staff to have peace of mind that they will be looked after at Zental. Our word is our bond, and we do our very best to deliver on what we promise. We promote a culture of growth, knowledge and maintaining confidentiality of our patients. This stems from our belief that our patients deserve better. We will always do our best to provide treatments that are safe, best practice and high quality. Maintaining the trust of patients and staff are key to maintaining confidence in our services, and putting everyone’s mind at ease.

Kindness is Our Path to Hearts and Minds

Studies show that the opposite of stress, biochemically, is not just feeling calm. Calm is the absence of stress. The hormones that prevent stress are in fact released when we perform acts of kindness. Therefore, at Zental, we strive to be kind to each other and to patients. We maintain a culture where we aim not only to be tolerant, we aim to be understanding and empathic in the service we provide. In our most recent survey, 98% of our patients believe our dentists are Excellent at treating them with dignity & respect.

Our Planet is Our Home and We Like It Green

At Zental, we strive for energy efficiency every way we can. Our planet is at the forefront of our mind, and we are constantly reviewing our supply chain, energy use and waste management to ensure we do our part to keep our environment green.