Buchlein Recruitment Ltd

Named after the Artzney Buchlein, the first book written solely on dentistry, Buchlein Recruitment is a specialist in dental and healthcare recruitment. We know how important it is to get the right staff at the right time and ensure that you have a comprehensive pool of candidates to choose from. Offering a range of fixed-fee recruitment services, which reduces both your recruitment costs as well as your time to hire, Buchlein Recruitment can manage your recruitment campaign or alternatively offer a full recruitment agency solution at competitive prices.

Buchlein Recruitment believes that dental laboratories and practices should be able to source a recruitment agency service without having to pay High Street costs. We can provide the same services as a recruitment agency but for a much lower price. In fact, we can provide more than a recruitment agency. We specialise in the fields of dental and healthcare, ensuring our clients see the most suitable candidates that perfectly match their roles.