GKY Dental Arts, Inc.

GKY Dental Arts, Inc. was founded in 1982 as G&H Dental Arts by Glen Yamamoto, CDT and Hiro Kuroda.

Since the beginning, GKY has placed an emphasis on providing thorough and highly personalized service to clinicians. Our lab's goal was to fill the gap our founders noticed in the industry.

We saw smaller practices struggling to get their specific needs met, because labs were prioritizing multi-doctor or group practices. Yamamoto and Kuroda started GKY as a laboratory that cares as much about its customers and employees as it does about its products.

This personal relationship between clinicians and our team is the very cornerstone of the GKY philosophy. Today, Glen continues to head the laboratory team as President of GKY Dental Arts.

We are a large size full service dental lab located 8 miles south of LAX. We are always looking for skilled dental technicians.