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Welcome to Integrity Dental Services, our company was founded in 2019 with the idea that like minds tend to work very well together. As a company, we believe that the restorations we provide to patients are of the utmost quality. All of our restorations are made in the United States, and nothing is ever outsourced from our company.

May 04, 2021
Full time
Integrity Dental Services Atlanta, GA, USA
Full Job Description Removable Technician Job Profile: Reports To: Department Manager or Supervisor: Randall Weatherford Job Summary: Fabricate, alter or repair dentures and other dental devices. Ensures dentures are free of excess materials and polishes surfaces or the appliance. Technicians may build and shape appliance and prepare surfaces as needed to provide a custom fitting orthotic device. Essential Functions: Read prescriptions and specifications of the unit to be altered or produced. Build and shape wax teeth using small hand instruments and information from dentist specifications. Prepare metal surfaces for bonding with porcelain to create artificial teeth using small hand tools. Test the units prepared for conformance to specifications and accuracy of bite and fit using articulators and micrometers. Rebuild or replace linings, wire sections or missing teeth to repair dentures. Pour...