Eclipse Dental Lab Ltd

Eclipse Dental Laboratory Ltd is a Family run business, constantly trading since 2008. During these years in the market, our aim was and always will be to provide the highest quality of work and service.

We specialise in high-quality ceramic products of all types; veneers, inlay & onlay, a wide range of crowns, bridgework, and implants structured from precious/non-precious metals or based on aluminium oxide or zirconium oxide. In addition, we introduced new systems for Chrome-Cobalt Dentures and Acrylic Dentures.

We are amongst first Dental Laboratories in Scotland to introduce full Digital Workflow thru scanning, 3D Printing, CAD/CAM design, and manufacturing enabling us to cooperate with clients across the world.

In line with increasing demand, we decided to open our own Independent Aesthetic Denture Clinic, run by our Clinical Dental Technician to serve our local community and beyond.