Eastside Dental Service Inc.

Eastside Dental Service has been serving the Tucson, Az. dental community since 1976.

Started in the early 70's by Jerrold Huffstetler CDT, and purchased at his retirement by his youngest

son James Huffstetler, and his wife and business partner Martha Huffstetler.  

Fluctuating in size over the years has always made this company a challenge to staff. Due to the

overwhelming demand in the Tucson area we are experiencing growth pains unfamiliar to us.

We know the value that well educated dental techs can bring to production and are trying to plan

the future of our company around a solid foundation and people that want a challenging, rewarding

job that they like. thinking outside the box is becoming more mainstream in our industry and hiring

like minded people will help us create the very atmosphere we want for our employees.