Reliance Dental Designs

At Reliance Dental Designs, we know that dentistry is the perfect marriage of art and science. In fact, this marriage is our passion. Our dental lab provides superior craftsmanship. Without the need to outsource anything, all of our dental restorations are crafted by us right here in California. We believe in quality. 

We know that there are plenty of dental labs who prioritise volume and ship units out all day long. We aren’t that lab. Quality craftsmanship and healthy, beautiful smiles are our passion. We promise a reasonable price and a reasonable turnaround time, but, more importantly, we promise a superior product. At Reliance Dental Designs, we make sure the product you order is exactly the product you need for your patient.

We have all of the latest technology at our disposal in-house. Each of our products is made right here in California by a team of people you know and trust. We are dedicated to providing ultimate satisfaction, and our team will work with you to make sure that the products you order are exactly what you need. Our expertly-trained and highly-experienced team has decades of experiences crafting high-quality cosmetic dental ceramics.

About the owner. 

Danny Evanson, a California native, has been crafting beautiful smiles since the age of 19! He began as a dental ceramist at one of the largest dental laboratories in Northern California, where he underwent a mentorship with Dave Stohlman. In the early 90s, Danny studied at the Las Vegas Dental Institute, earning certification as an advanced ceramist with a focus on cosmetic ceramic restorations. Today, with nearly three decades of experience and success in helping to create thousands of beautiful smiles, he is the founder and president of Reliance Dental Designs.

During his mentorship with Mr. Stohlman, Danny came to understand that tooth restorations represent more than simply a fixed tooth. Instead, a restoration results in a whole new smile for a patient, improving their lives and providing a wide range of oral and mental health benefits. This realization had a profound impact upon Danny. He realized that the perfect restoration was one that achieved the perfect balance between art, science, and craftsmanship.

Seeing the results that his clients and their patients have been able to achieve because of his dedication to his craft has continuously had a profound impact upon Danny. He enjoys being able to witness the results of his work and the instant positive impact his restorations have upon the physical and mental health of their recipients. Thanks to the close relationships he has built with his dental clients, he enjoys the benefits of being able to continuously see the results of his lab’s restorations and the beautiful smiles they create.

The decades of experience and excellent guidance provided to Danny throughout his career has led to him developing extremely high standards for the restorations he, as well as his team, creates. He has not rested upon his or Reliance Dental Designs’ success. Danny is continuously searching out and training himself, as well as his team, in the most advanced technologies, techniques, and materials available.

The past decade has seen an incredible pace for new dental and restoration technologies developing. Danny’s commitment to investing in and staying on the cutting-edge of that technology, as well as his commitment to good old-fashioned craftsmanship, has ensured that Reliance Dental Designs customers receive the absolute best restorations available anywhere.

While not at the office, Danny enjoys getting his hands dirty. Working on and building motorcycles and cars. He has come to appreciate that his hobby has many similarities to his career. When working on a vehicle, every piece, every component has a specific location and function. When it all comes together flawlessly, it is as much art as it is functional. The same holds true for restorations.

We have invested in the latest technologies, software, and production equipment to produce most of our restorations in house, ensuring that we have strict control over the quality, fit, and finish of all the restorations that leave our lab. Our master craftsmen thrive on the marriage of art and science that is required to craft truly exceptional restorations. As such, our highly-trained fabricators and craftsmen are recognized industry-wide as experts in their respective crafts and have decades of combined experience. We stand behind our product, so that you can stand behind yours.