Lidums Dental

Over 25 years of dedication, innovation, research and development has seen Dr Arnis Lidums establish the ultimate Centre of Excellence in Dentistry; one of the most modern and comprehensively equipped dental centres nation-wide. A passion for creating a dental centre that combines the ultimate in quality, skill and results.

Dr Lidums was advised early on in his dental career that he had good hands and should consider a Specialist field of training to make the most of his talent. So Dr Lidums completed his 5 year General Dental qualification, and after being invited to join Specialist Training for Prosthodontics, and went on to complete the 3 year Specialist Training Program at Adelaide University. With a Master’s Degree in Dental Surgery and Dental Board Specialist Registration as a Prosthodontist, Dr Lidums has now made it his life’s purpose to restore patient’s smiles and function through carefully considered and clinically proven techniques.

Apr 23, 2021
Full time
Lidums Dental Adelaide SA, Australia
About Us Lidums Dental  is the Dental Specialist Centre providing Dental Implants, Advanced Restorative and Cosmetic Treatments which dramatically enhance patients’ health and quality of life. Our rooms were designed and built with Acrylic and Porcelain lab work in mind. This enables the team to ensure high quality treatment and allows the technician to meet their patients and experience their responses first hand. The dedicated and experienced team has a market-leading reputation for treating the most challenging and demanding cases with high quality care, service and predictable outcomes. People with severe dental problems have their lives transformed daily.   It is not about the teeth… It is about how we impact on people’s lives.   About The Role The main purpose is to look after our patients with excellent care consistent with the values of  Lidums Dental,  Providing State of the Art dental care. You will...