Lidums Dental

Over 25 years of dedication, innovation, research and development has seen Dr Arnis Lidums establish the ultimate Centre of Excellence in Dentistry; one of the most modern and comprehensively equipped dental centres nation-wide. A passion for creating a dental centre that combines the ultimate in quality, skill and results.

Dr Lidums was advised early on in his dental career that he had good hands and should consider a Specialist field of training to make the most of his talent. So Dr Lidums completed his 5 year General Dental qualification, and after being invited to join Specialist Training for Prosthodontics, and went on to complete the 3 year Specialist Training Program at Adelaide University. With a Master’s Degree in Dental Surgery and Dental Board Specialist Registration as a Prosthodontist, Dr Lidums has now made it his life’s purpose to restore patient’s smiles and function through carefully considered and clinically proven techniques.