We are a leading award winning Digital Dental Company with a history of over 35 years. The business is comprised of 3 sections, a full service dental laboratory, an equipment and supplies department and a customer support department. 

A brand new fully renovated large area working environment is available equipped with all the latest technology in 3D Scanning, Milling and 3D Printing equipment. 

The Dental laboratory section is a full service primarily digital dental laboratory servicing dental practitioners Australia wide. Fixed and Removable Prosthetics, Orthodontics, Implants, including planning, Sleep Appliances , TMJ Dysfunction Appliances, Paediatric Appliances are among the wide variety of dental appliances and prosthetics we manufacture. 

The supply section focuses on equipping the dental profession both labs and clinics with the latest equipment and supplies mainly related to 3D Dentistry. Customer service supports the former two sections of the business.