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Recruiting Dental Technicians in a Challenging Job Market

Recruiting Dental Technicians in a Challenging Job Market

Despite an uncertain economic climate, dental technicians remain in high demand. Unemployment levels remain low and dental labs are continuing to search for qualified dental technicians to help ensure their laboratory runs smoothly.

Even so, many job seekers are hesitant to jump into a new role during these unpredictable times. For dental laboratories recruiting dental technicians, this can make the process challenging.

Establishing relationships with job seekers that convey stability and trust will be essential if they wish to attract talented dental technicians who may be otherwise unwilling to join their team in such an uncertain period.

Understand What Candidates Want 

When recruiting in a challenging job market, it is important to understand what potential candidates want. What do dental technicians value most? How do they view their career path? Understanding this will give you insights into what kind of opportunities and roles might be attractive to them. Do your research, talk to people who have recently changed jobs or considered changing roles, and use this information to craft an appealing offer that speaks directly to what potential hires are looking for. 

Focus on Skills-First Approach 

When recruiting dental technicians, it is important to focus on skills first. Analyse their experience and qualifications against the job requirements before delving into other aspects such as personality or cultural fit.

This will ensure that you are selecting the right candidate for the role based on their technical skills rather than any other subjective factors. It is also important to keep an open mind about which skillsets could be beneficial for the role; often times hiring someone with different experiences or qualifications than those traditionally associated with certain roles can bring new ideas and perspectives that can benefit your company in unexpected ways.

Bring Company Purpose, Culture, and Values To Life 

In addition to focusing on technical skills when recruiting dental technicians, it is important to bring your company’s purpose, culture, and values come alive during this process as well. This will help potential candidates understand if they would be a good fit within your organisation and whether or not their values align with yours.

When advertising jobs, make sure you include information about your company’s purpose, culture, values as well as any benefits or perks associated with joining your team so that potential applicants get a good sense of what working at your organisation would look like before applying for the role. 


Utilize Technology:

Using recruiting technology for dental labs has several advantages, such as streamlining the recruitment process and reducing the amount of time it takes an employer to find suitable personnel. Additionally, using recruiting technology eliminates some of the manual labor associated with traditional methods of recruitment, like manually sorting through resumes or conducting interviews one-on-one with candidates. Furthermore, it grants employers access to a larger pool of potential applicants by allowing them to search through databases of job seekers who may not have been previously considered due to geographical limitations or other criteria. Lastly, using recruiting technology allows employers to assess potential candidates better based on their skillset rather than solely relying on resume or bench-test performance.


Recruiting dental technicians during such an uncertain economic climate can be difficult but by understanding what candidates want, focusing on skills first when selecting recruits, bringing company purpose culture & values alive during recruitment process & providing strategic advice based on data driven insights dental lab owners will find themselves equipped with all the necessary tools & knowledge needed when looking for top talent even during these tough times!
Through these methods, dental laboratories can still successfully attract top talent despite current challenges posed by economic climate which could prove invaluable when trying build strong foundation from which business can grow further! Good luck!

Blog post by Andy Foster