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Prosthetic Technician Seeks New Challenge

Prosthetic Technician Seeks New Challenge

For anyone running a dental lab, finding the right prosthetic dental technician to join your team can be challenging.

Hiring a tech who is both skilled and experienced can be difficult no matter where you are located, so it's great news that more and more job seekers are coming to Recruit4Technicians for career opportunities, as we had the pleasure recently of speaking with one such individual.
Mark (not his real name), is an experienced prosthetics technician who shared some valuable insights into his career in prosthetics and is now seeking a new challenge either north - or south - of the Scottish border.  If you need help expanding your team, this might just provide some welcome clarity!

Mark, who is based just outside of Glasgow Scotland, started as an apprentice in 1990, and has all the necessary skills and competencies required to excel in this field. From producing dental appliances to managing client accounts, he is a master of all trades.

As a former lab owner, he has ample experience in running the day-to-day operations of a lab, dealing with suppliers, producing high-quality work, and most importantly, meeting deadlines.

But what sets him apart is his conscientious approach to work. He believes in considering not just client needs but also the business needs and workload balance to ensure quality output while achieving satisfaction. His meticulous approach to his work speaks volumes about his dedication and professionalism.


He says "I have 32 years tenure within the Dental Technician profession, having started as an apprentice and scaling through to becoming Technical Director, owning and running my own laboratories.
This has enabled me to develop a broad range of skills and competencies from producing dental appliances themselves, to managing client accounts, the day-to-day running of the laboratory, making decisions on products and supplier, right through to leading colleagues within the laboratory to meet deadlines whilst producing a high standard of appliance.
I’m very conscientious in my approach to all aspects of delivery considering client needs, business needs and workload balance to ensure that quality output is maintained; whilst satisfaction is achieved"


"It has always been important to me that my Labs are known for their quality of output and reliablity of service.
My work ethic and standards I set for myself were imparted onto my staff through Coaching, Training and through demonstration of my own work.
I have worked with many Technicians and Assistants over the years and under my Leadership it was understood that we created an environment of quality that was Client and Patient centred."

Mark's experience as a prosthetics technician and dental lab manager covers every aspect of the prosthetics industry, and he's ready to put his skills and expertise to work. Over the years that he has been in the industry, he has learned how to manage the entire prosthetic production process expertly, from design and production to management and leadership. Anyone who takes up Mark in their team will have a competent, conscientious, and experienced team player. If you're looking for an experienced Prosthetics Technician or Dental Lab Manager, Mark could be the perfect fit for your organization.

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Blog post by Andy Foster