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New Update: Add Multiple Categories To Your Resume

New Update: Add Multiple Categories To Your Resume

As a jobseeker, you can now add multiple categories to your resume on

So, if you’re a ceramist that also does freelance work, you can now select the “Ceramist” and “Freelance” options on your resume.

Or, if you’re a prosthetics technician that can also do CAD/CAM and some orthodontic work, you can select all three option on your resume.

What does this mean?

Before this update, jobseekers could only select one category for your resume to be found under, for example a freelance ceramist could only be found under “Freelance” OR “Ceramist”

Now when employers are searching our resume database for new talent, your resume can appear under more categories in our search results, making you more visible to potential employers, and easier to be found.


How do I make these changes to my resume?

  1. Login to your account here

  2. From your dashboard click “My Resumes”

  3. Select the resume that you’d like to edit

  4. Tick the desired categories on the resume form

And that’s it!

Blog post by Andy Foster