GDC Registered Prosthetics Technician Available

GDC Registered Prosthetics Technician Available

Skilled GDC registered prosthetics technician with 7 years experience is seeking opportunities in Lancashire.

Experience includes;

  • Producing bite blocks and special trays.
  • Finishing dentures to a high standard.
  • Repairs, reline, additions and re-basing.
  • Partial and complete denture fabrication.
  • Fabrication of orthodontic appliances.
  • Excellent knowledge of dental laboratory terminology.
  • Outstanding communication skills.
  • Able to follow complex technical instructions.
  • Broad range of dental technology.
  • Set up and wax up try-in dentures complete and partial (NHS and Private)

This candidate is considering positions in Northwest England offering a minimum of £30k/annum

Discount available for subscribers.

Email or call 07595 315862 and quote reference: Rec/FP6 for more details and full CV.

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