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Cadent - Digital Design Service

Cadent - Digital Design Service

Hi, I have about 12 years experience working in dental labs.

I've started with analog wax-ups, casting, metal but for about 6 years I've been doing it digitally and in my spare time I am offering this services to other labs as well.

I am offering design services to labs, being able to design anything from a single unit to full month restorations on implants. I will share the options available:

  • Crowns/Inlays/Onlays
  • Digital waxups
  • Implant cases - custom abutments, stock components, anatomical abutments/bridges, bars

I have a extensive knowledge regarding implants and digital workflows, being able to help in organising for you any workflow for you to be productive.

 If you have an linkedIn account you can find some pictures of my work:

or Instagram

Always happy to have a chat, please email me at