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6 Best Places To Advertise Your Dental Technician Jobs

6 Best Places To Advertise Your Dental Technician Jobs

So you're recruiting for a super-duper, top tech that ticks all the boxes, but where is the best place to advertise your role??

With dental technicians becoming harder to find, I’m a firm believer that dental labs should be spreading there vacancies far and wide, in as many relevant places as possible to increase their chances of finding that perfect candidate!

So here are my "Top 6" places to advertise your dental technician jobs …

1. Trade magazines: because of their targeted audience, your good old trade magazines are a good place to attract qualified technicians.

2. Niche job boards: similar to trade magazines, niche job boards such as have a very specific audience of just dental technicians, with the added bonus of being involved with dental technician communities.

3. Generic job boards: Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor to name a few, have a huge reach due to their massive audiences. The obvious downside being that they cater to all industries, from electricians to  I.T professionals, so maybe don’t expect all applications to come from dental technicians.

4. Social media: Possibly the No.1 source for reaching both passive and active candidates, getting your job vacancy across the socials is an absolute must for any business. With the vast amount of industry specific groups, and the huge volume of dental technicians to be found, social media should be the starting point for all dental labs looking to hire!

In my opinion, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are particularly good hotspots for dental technicians. 

5. LinkedIn: Ok, so I know I’ve just covered social media above, but I feel that LinkedIn should get a special mention, mainly because it's the largest social media platform specifically dedicated to careers and jobs. LinkedIn is a great, professional platform for dental labs to post details of their job vacancies. Whether you choose to post straight onto your company page, or pay for premium advertising, both are good options.

6. Recruiters: Usually the most expensive recruitment option, industry specific recruiters will have a database of talented professionals to contact on your behalf. As always in recruitment, there are no guarantees, but more often than not, you'll only pay the recruiters fee upon hiring a candidate introduced by the recruiter.

I hope this helps you in deciding where to advertise your dental technician jobs.

If you're looking to use a niche job board specifically for dental techs, feel free to check out our advertising prices here!

Good luck.

Posted by Andy Foster