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Anna Romanowska - Freelance Ceramist + CAD Designer

Anna Romanowska - Freelance Ceramist + CAD Designer

Title:  Freelance Ceramist + CAD Designer
Services: Ceramics, CAD/CAM design, crown + bridge
Location: Poland
Contact No: +48668671742
Contact email:

I am a highly experienced dental technician based in Poland, boasting a rich 15-year background in technical dental craftsmanship. As the owner of an independent dental laboratory, I also operate as a proficient freelance entrepreneur.

My services encompass a range of specialized exocad designs, with a primary focus on full contour designs, anatomic coping with cutback designs, precise coping crown designs, and detailed inlay/onlay and veneer designs. Furthermore, I am pleased to offer comprehensive partial denture designs as part of my service repertoire.

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