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6 Reasons to Include a Salary In Your Dental Technician Job Post

6 Reasons to Include a Salary In Your Dental Technician Job Post

1. You’ll drive away good applicants

In a recent poll, over 70% of dental technicians said that if a job advert did not display a salary, or a salary range, they would be discouraged from applying (poll conducted by
In a market where dental technicians are hard to come by, that could be make or break for your recruitment campaign.

2. Dental technicians won’t leave their current jobs to be paid at the same level

Like it or not, one of the biggest factors for employees seeking out new positions is for higher pay.
Being upfront about the salary - and additional benefits that you’re offering, will encourage applications from good quality dental technicians.

3. It’s one of the first things that candidates look for

When checking out a job ad, salary and benefits are one of the first things that candidates want to know. It’s a motivating factor and one that shouldn’t be overlooked.
Including a salary range, will save you time and give necessary information to potentially interested technicians.

4. They’ll find out sooner or later

Applicants will always want to know what salary to expect, after all, it’s one of the biggest factors when applying for a new job, so trying to conceal this is just a smoke screen.
Eventually, potential employees need to be made an offer, being up front about this from the start show transparency.

5. It’s becoming the norm

One of the greatest barriers to including a salary range on job posts is tradition. The belief that dental laboratories will attract the wrong kind of applicant, or one without the required years of experience has a lot to answer for.
So when it comes to job ads, dental labs often have a set way of operating which might be incorrect. Thankfully, change is on the horizon and many employers are already embracing the benefits of transparency.

6. Stand out from your competition

Dental technicians can be hard to come by, and the best candidates are very selective about which jobs they apply for.
Being honest & upfront about a position, including what salary, benefits & perks that are on offer can ultimately give you the competitive edge in a tough job market.

Blog post by Andy Foster