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The great resignation is impacting industries across the globe, and the world of dentistry is no different. While dental technician jobs are in high demand, the very best talent is looking for much more than just attractive remuneration.   So if you are looking to attract the very best dental technicians without having to increase wages, what can your dental lab do? We thought we would take a closer look at some of the most popular...
Years of experience:: 30 years experience Location: Considering opportunities in and around London This prosthetics technicians is looking for full-time opportunities in London. Experience with AO4, AO6, immediate loading, flexibles, most areas of private prosthetics. Salary expectations:: £45k+ per annum (Discount available for subscribers) Email or call 07595... is extremely happy to be representing a high-end prosthetics technician that is interested in new opportunities. Skills include: Prosthetics dept manager All types of prosthetics work Immediate load AO4 cases (smile in a day) High-end prosthetics Zirkonzahn hybrid substructure designing Full arch/mouth digital design (ZirconZahn) Clinical...
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